Forged Goods

work in progress images of the Cubical Brooch (iron) I designed and realised it in 2010.
Cubical brooch – iron, stainless steel
Twisted ring – iron
Crack pendant – iron (corten steel)
“If something breaks it becomes even more precious”: BULLSHIT : if something breaks it gets fucked up and the cracks move on, expand, slide and it is not up to you how they behave. Don’t expect that gold will lick the spilnters together, it doesnt like to crawl in cracks, it rather tends to build up in big lumps.
This piece was made from a square iron tube.
Hatch ring – iron
THREADS RING – iron, 18 karat gold
Ring, inspired by Medusa, fabricated and forged from an 8 mm thick sheet of iron. I started from a chunky block, then “pulled out” thin snakes, and finally made them fall back into the weight. I partially worked the iron when it was red hot, and partly annealed it and worked it cold. I have been inspired by the story of the Medusa and the presence of this mythology in the old parts of the city. Walking the lanes of Genova, I have noticed that above many doors there is a Medusa head carved into stone used as a protective sign.
Nail ring – iron, nails
LIP RING – iron
Seddle ring – iron
Day in Day Out bangle and ring – iron
PASHA RING – iron, Hungarian red marble
Photo by Giangiacomo Pepe
Trilobite ring – iron
Welcome Parasite ring – iron
Evolotion – iron
Evolution – iron
Evolution – iron
Frienship pendant – iron, copper
3 fingers ring – iron, silver(knobs)
3 fingers ring – iron, silver(knobs)
3 fingers ring – iron, silver(knobs)
ring – iron, 3 silver rivets
bracelet – iron, 6 silver rivets
Event Horizon ring – iron


Iron is a beautiful material, with a very unique character. You can wear iron all the time: take a shower, cook, wash the dishes, have a sauna, have sex or sleep! The main thing to remember is that if you get it wet, you should wipe it dry, as you would do with your hands. Don’t let it dry itself.

At the beginning it may leave a mark on your skin, but after a while your piece will become “oxidized to you” and it won’t leave a mark anymore. Rusting is a natural part of the life of iron and rust absorbs natural oils from your skin, forming a protective layer.

Iron jewellery needs care, just like silver does. Not being a precious metal it is more reactive with the environment and with you. If you get ill it will leave a dark mark on your finger again, probably because of the changed acidity of the skin or your jewel worrying for you. When you swim in the sea the same thing happens and you must rinse it with fresh water and wipe it immediately. I think it is nice to live together with such a strong and sensitive metal.

If you don’t wear the piece for a long time you may notice some rust; this rusting takes less time in humid environments. In this case you need to rub the jewellery gently with a plastic kitchen scourer, wipe it down with soapy water and a sponge, rinse, then dry.

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